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My Philosphy...

Healing is a journey... There is no quick fix or pill that can offer us the solution to restore health. 

However it is possible to achieve vitality and optimise our health by reshaping the multitude of choices we make every day. The way we eat, move, sleep and approach our lives. 

A functional medicine approach to health that addresses diet, toxin exposure, exercise, emotional wellbeing and sleep, is the most effective route back to optimal health. 

True healing is more than diet alone…

As a result of my own healing journey, I have developed a deeper recognition of how our emotional health impacts our body.


Unresolved and unhealed trauma, emotional struggles and stress, when not addressed, undermine our health to such an extent that we can be following an optimal diet, exercising and doing everything to support ourselves; yet if we don’t address the body as a whole and look to heal our emotional wounds, we can never feel truly healthy. 


The body has an intelligence and language of its own. Unresolved, painful emotions are held in the body and cause dis-ease; if we overlook these, our body will always find a way to draw our attention to them.

These unresolved emotions cause stress to our body and If our nervous system is dysregulated and in a constant state of fight, flight, freeze or fawn, then our entire body and health is impacted as a result.

Which is why I believe so strongly in a wholistic approach that address both our emotional and our physical health with a strong focus on nervous system support.


Our emotional relationship to food also plays a huge role in our ability to make healthy changes and implement new habits.


My experience is that we all, (although unique to each of us) suffer from a variety of blocks that prevent us from making or sustaining healthier habits.  


A large part of our work together will be looking at the limiting beliefs and emotional patterns around food and reshaping them to help us create a lifestyle that is working in service of our health goals and is therefore sustainable.

Where we can uncover what truly serves us and what to let go of that doesn’t, enabling us to achieve our health goals and create the life we desire. 


The anxiety of anger and other "negative" emotions like sadness and rejection may become deeply bound in the body.

Eventually it is transmuted into biological changes through the multiple and infinitely subtle cross-connections of the PNI apparatus, the unifying nexus of body/mind.

This is the route that leads to organic disease.

When anger is disarmed, so is the immune system.

- Dr Gabor Mate 

When the Body Says No

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An Initial Nutrition Assessment will take about two hours...

In this time we will discuss your main health concerns and set your intentions and goals to help us focus on what you wish achieve from our sessions together.

This time together will offer me insight into your unique and individual needs and what nutrition package would be best suited to achieving your goals.


We will spend time discussing your previous medical history in detail, in order to gain a better understanding as to the root cause of your current health concerns.


 A comprehensive nutrition plan will then be emailed to you and will include a 30 minute session to explain the protocol and to answer any questions you may have.

A combination of dietary,  lifestyle and emotional support will be contained in your plan. Supplements and testing will also be recommend if necessary.


All appointments include comprehensive aftercare support.


As we go on this journey together your unique personal and practical needs will be discussed in order to create a health plan that feels achievable and sustainable for you. 

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