What Clients Have To Say...

Kezra was recommended to me by a dear friend, I was suffering with a variety of health issues, which I now understand was due to poor gut maintenance.  I was my unable to digest certain food types and going to the toilet was not a pleasant experience.


In the space of  less than 6 months Kezra helped me completely repair my gut and the disturbing relationship I had with it for many years.  It did not take long for all the horrible symptoms and discomforts to stop and just involved simple changes like taking vitamins and altering my diet. My skin also started to get better sooner than I expected and I was recommended lots of lovely products to use, which I am still using now.  


Consultations were easy and convenient to arrange and actually enjoyable, kind of like seeing your favourite doctor, but them actually having enough time and resources to get to the root of the problem and not just mask it over.


The aftercare was amazing and really helped keep me on track and I really felt supported and determined to carry on with all the new life measures in place. I not only feel different health wise but also in my mental state, it just goes to show, what’s on the inside counts the most.  


Thank you so much Kezra you have changed my life!

New me, new gut, new mind!!